A Different Spring

Last month in Mid-March I had the opportunity to travel to McDowell State Park outside Mesa Arizona. It was so very nice to feel the warmth of the sun and see the green vegetation. It was as if Spring had come a week early for me. When I left my home if was cold and snowy and when I returned it was the same but I had been rejuvenated. I didn’t see all the things in Arizona that make me think of Spring like tulips, daffodils, pansies or dew on the grass in the morning. I didn’t smell fresh cut grass. I didn’t even feel that slight breeze with just a hint of warmth. I saw big beautiful cactus with glorious blooms. I saw the red Mesas stretched along the skyline. I saw the most beautiful sunsets of yellow, orange, pink and purple. I heard the coyotes howl at night. I felt that summer hot sun on my back and I got a sunburn. I was so inspired by my early and unusual Spring that I have created some new embroidery designs with a Southwest motif and lots of cactus. I have a confession to make….I live close to the mountains but I love the desert. My husband says that is because you always want what you don’t have. Maybe so. I hope you will enjoy making my new embroidery patterns.