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Our Approach

I value great patterns and instructions.  Therefore,  I always try to give the best pattern with complete instructions as possible.   I also value quality materials so I use the best  materials that I can find and afford.

When I begin a Penny Rug I always make several rough sketches of the design. Next, I start looking through the wools and felts to find the right color combinations and textures for the project.   Then comes the matching of the threads. I consider whether the colors should match or would contrast be a better option. Maybe a beautiful variegated thread would be best.  So many choices.   Embellishing with beads and  buttons might add interest.

I always do my best work and find much joy and happiness in it.  I want all who purchase my product to be able to achieve the same joy and happiness that I do.

Our Story

Welcome to SweetPepper Crafts.  My name is Sallie DiFrancesco and I am the artist, designer, and crafter for all the wool and felt appliqué pieces on this website.
I have always been interested in stitching and embroidery.  At the age of 4, I informed my mother that I wanted to sew.  She gave me some fabric, a hoop and needle with thread.  She sat down and showed me how to stitch.  Of course I didn’t do much more than large uneven stitches but it was my start.  I loved it. Around my 9th birthday I had seen a felt appliqué wall hanging kit in the local variety store and asked my mother if I could have the kit for my birthday.  To my surprise my grandmother gave the kit it to me as a birthday gift along with an additional kit for a pillow.  I was excited and thrilled to make the projects.  I followed the directions, asked questions and carefully completed the wall hanging project.   I remember learning the stitches and  enjoying the time with my grandmother.  After completion I  hung the masterpiece on my bedroom wall where it stayed until I left home.

Now almost 50 years later I still love appliqué with felt and wool.  Since wool appliqué has made a come-back there are so many colors, and textures of wool and such beautiful threads to work with. This makes creating and stitching new designs exciting and fun.   I have so many ideas that at times I just don’t know what to do first and there is never enough time to create all those designs that are in my head.

I hope that you will enjoy using my patterns in creating my designs as you too shop for just the right color of wools or felts.  Match the vibrant colors of threads and look for small details like buttons and beads to adorn your masterpieces.

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