That Feel Of The Cool Autumn Air

It has finally cooled down and we are into the beauty of Autumn.  The colors of the leaves are so rich and vibrant.  The produce has been harvested and waiting to be sampled and all the pumpkins are regally residing on their front porches.  Fall is such a regeneration for the sole, the cool mornings, the return of family routines and the promise of a little extra time to create.  Make sure you take time to create and craft this fall, you will feel a new sense of self.

Peace and Prosperity in the Creative Realm

June is here and that means the beginning of Summer.  I love the Summer holidays.  I have had so many creative ideas lately and I’m loving it.  It is a challenge managing all these ideas but it is a good challenge to have.  When I am in the creative realm it means that I am finding peace and joy in my life and it feels wonderful.  Out of all the ideas, only a few ideas have the ability that can be made and finally marketed into a pattern to be sold or a finished item that will sell.  I have added a new Stars and Stripes Flag door/wall hanger and some wood 4th of July table decorations to celebrate Summer and the Independence Day Holiday.  Enjoy the season with all it’s food, fun and family.

Spring Came Before I Even Knew It

While I watch the calendar because of deadlines and things I really hadn’t noticed it was Spring until a couple days after the event.  What a great surprise.  I have been designing some new things for the shop.  I revamped the spring bowl fillers and am currently creating some for summer.  I am also working on a wall hanging piece for those that enjoy cactus.  I have had some great compliments on my work recently that has really made me happy and given me motivation and inspiration.  So as the weather continues to warm and we see more of the sunshine, take a moment to compliment someone and you will find that it not only benefits them but YOU as well.  Life is short….always be a kind and thoughtful human because you are special.

Just Stop Thinking

This year seems as if I was always a day late and a dollar short.  I am always designing  for the next holiday or two but not this year.  My New Years resolution is to do better.  I know, that is always what all resolutions are about when it comes right down to it.  I am currently writing and drawing my new plans and designs so the New year won’t be so overwhelming.  But it really is all about the joy of creating and you can’t rush creativity it just evolves and happens, I love that.  I enjoy seeing a project begin and when it is finished I will like it even when it is nothing like the original idea.  Sometimes those are the best.  So I challenge you all to turn off your thinking and just let the ideas flow and allow creation to just happen.  May you find peace and joy and creativity in the New Year.

It’s A Hot One

I live in the west and the summer is already shaping up to be a hot one.  It has made the dog days of summer come early.   I look at this as an opportunity to start thinking about fall or autumn decorations and what to create and make to celebrate those dreamed of cooler temperatures.  I think about sunflowers and beehives and squash and pumpkins.  Crisp apples and the cool mornings that are so invigorating.  When the kids go back to school I then move onto Halloween.  I do enjoy stitching on those long hot lazy summer days.  Stay cool out there.

Ready To Go

I’m ready to go now that I have had my Covid 19 vaccinations.  I can’t wait to get out and explore new places and collect new ideas to help me create.  It feels wonderful and I am excited to have a clean slate so to speak.  I can start a new  “phase.”   That is what the art world likes to call a change in the style of an artist.  Maybe I will combine mediums like fabric and paint or embroidery and paper or even try a new style of stitching.  Isn’t it great.  Keep your eye peeled for new patterns on my web site and in my Etsy shop.

Wow! Just Wow

I have been busy with all sorts of projects these past months.  What excitement we have experienced this past year and now into the next.  While there is certainly hardship and unhappiness right now I can’t wait to see what comes next.  I have finished many projects and created several new projects.  I enjoyed learning a little more about Hanukkah and created a Penny Rug for the occasion.  I am excited to have the snow and the beauty that comes with it so I am creating a large snowflake.  I also am looking forward to that day of love, Valentine’s Day and created a cute and easy Conversation Hearts Penny Rug for the occasion.  Check out the new patterns and get stitching.


Just Stay Calm, Joy and Peace Are Out There

This year has been so full of calamity and fear that it has spread much anxiety and made it hard to focus for all of us.  I have felt very unsettled but have increasingly turned to crafting to find joy and peace.  I get much pleasure out of designing a new penny rug pattern.  It was such fun to place and stitch all the details on the Haunted Pedal Car design.  It has so many Halloween elements that it is hard to see them at first.  It was fun to study the finished penny rug with my granddaughter and find all the hidden treasures.   The Scrolled Pumpkin design just fell into my head while cleaning house.  It was a pleasure to work with the different metallic flosses that add the elegance to this design.  It will be most beautiful on the Thanksgiving table.  I would like to remind all of the saying “Stay calm and stitch on.”  Many blessings to all and I hope you stay safe and healthy.

It’s Red, White and Blue Season

My favorite holiday is  the 4th of July or Independence Day.  When I was a kid it meant cap guns and charcoal snakes with my cousins at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  It was grandma’s fried chicken, potato salad, watermelon and chocolate cake with ice cream.  It also was hot so we would run through the sprinklers in our shorts and tank tops.  In the evening we would settle down with the cooling temperatures and what the beautiful sparkling red, white and blue fireworks.  There were other colors of course but my favorites were the patriotic colors.  When I designed the latest penny rug I had previously used the pedal car in my spring bowl fillers but I really wanted to celebrate Independence Day and Freedom with my little pedal car.   It is all decked out and ready to go down the parade route.  I also couldn’t resist adding in the fireworks.  I hope you find it as fun and I did.

Remember That Time When ….

Soooo…. Here we are into this Corona Covid 19 thing two weeks and the boredom is really setting in.  Not for me.  I have so many projects and ideas going I will never run out of them and be bored.  However, I do want to go to the craft store or the quilt store or the bakery or buy specialty chocolates or see a movie in the theaters or go to a nice lunch with friends.  But how joyous it will be when the virus passes and life can get back to normal and we can experience the things we miss in our lives.  Right now, find the joy and special memories in the moment with your family, or in your home or with crafting and creating.  Too soon we will be saying …. remember when we all had to isolate during the virus outbreak and life slowed down.  It was nice.