Inspiration and Creativity

Several years ago I read a book called, “A Whack On the Side of the Head” by Roger von Oech. It gives information on how to get outside the box and be more creative. I really only remember one concept that stated, “The more you create the more creative you become.” I have experienced this to be so true with almost everything in life. I also know that the more you “do” the better you become.

So…. the other day my friend asked me how I could have so many creative ideas for Penny Rugs. I hadn’t really thought much about it but the concept from the book just popped into my head. Do you ever wonder why some things stay in the brain and others just won’t stay in even if you’re trying?

Anyway, I told her I just started looking at life and everything in it that I do or experience and taking inspiration from all of that. Bingo! I would get ideas. I said, “The funny thing is, the more I do this the more ideas I have and they won’t stop coming now.” I laughed inside myself and was sort of amazed that my subconscious had pulled this piece of information that had apparently been stored there many years ago and applied it. The best part is, it was actually useful. I don’t know about you but my brain stores a lot of useless information.

Think about this concept and give it a try. Whether it is for creating original designs or anything else you are interested in. Good Luck!

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