I’m a Slacker but, I’m also a Finisher

If you haven’t noticed I’m a slacker. I haven’t written a new post since September. But, I have been extremely busy finishing and designing new things.
I belong to three different clubs. A quilt club, a wool club and an embroidery club. Well, over the course of the year I have felt very overwhelmed. I did finish all my projects but some with much stress. So… for the new year I dropped one of my clubs. The quilt club. I do like to piece quilts but I would rather do wool applique or embroidery. I find much more joy in those two things. I have done a couple new Penny Rug designs and I am currently working on a seasonal wool applique wall hanging. I needed something different from Penny Rugs. I had a friend ask me if I could design something for her and she would pay. Wow what an honor. I did and the ideas just kept coming. It took me back to my first post about how once you start creating, the creativity just continues to grow and get bigger. Sometimes to my own frustration because there just isn’t enough time. So I am excited to finish the project I have started and excited to start a couple new projects in my clubs. It is a brand New Year with 361 days left. Wahoo!

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