Oh, Those Simple, Happy, Hard Work Filled Days

Another summer has past and cooler days are ahead. With the end of summer comes State and County Fairs as well as small town Carnivals. I enjoy going to the Fair and seeing all the prized animals, hearing the happy cries of the people on the rides, eating the high fat food (it is okay once a year) that you only find at the fair and tastes so good, and marveling at all the handmade items that people have created throughout the year. It is just simple fun. My latest creation is a quilt I call Grandma’s Farm. It reminds of the Fairs this time of year and all the things that my great-grandmother and grandmother did on the farm. Hanging out the laundry. Oh, that fresh smell of the clothes off the line. Skimming the cream off the milk to make the butter. And gathering eggs. I helped husk corn, shell peas and did plenty of dusting and ironing. Nobody sat idle and you couldn’t play until the chores where done. I miss those simple happy days. I hope you to will find happiness and good memories in my Grandma’s Farm Quilt.

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