Something New For A Pick-Me-Up

I have been designing a lot of Penny Rugs that past year or so. I have had a couple other things but I was getting a little tired. I was introduced to a sweet little free pattern with instructions on youtube. Wow, what more could I want. Cute, Quick and Easy. Well, cute and easy they are but I’m not so sure about quick. I had ever so much fun though. Picking out the color coordinating fabrics and buttons. I made 6 different designs and planned to sell some in my Etsy shop but something happened…. I loved them all so much I had a hard time putting them out for sale. I did manage to get 3 of the 6 out there. What is this little gem that brought me so much happiness. An Accordion style pouch purse. They are kind of small and I know it doesn’t sound like anything grand but the stuff you can put in them. So practical and very cute. Check them out.

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