The Thrill of it All

A few weeks ago my friend and I participated in the Utah Quilt Shop Hop. It was 15 stores and about 150 miles. We accomplished this feat in 2 days. We started at 9:00am and finished at 6:00pm each day.

Every store was wonderful and had beautiful quilts and projects, but those that I loved the most were those that not only catered to quilting but had wools, felts and threads as well. I saw many wonderful patterns and quickly realized that there are many talented people out there with great designs. I, of course purchased a couple of patterns that I just couldn’t resist. I also found myself inspired with so many ideas of my own. Sometimes it is just hard finding the time to develop my ideas into designs and patterns.

When I do find the quiet time to design and draw up a pattern it brings such contentment and peace to my soul. After I design and make a pattern the best and most fun part begins. I get to create the finished design. Oh how I love to cut the felts and wools and stitch the many different stitches with my beautiful flosses. I hope they have fabric and wool and thread and floss in heaven.

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