What Does Winter Smell Like?

As I was looking forward to the New Year I wanted to make some cute bowl fillers to place in my entry. I wanted them to bring a smile and happiness into the home. I also wanted them to smell like Winter. I wondered what does Winter smell like? My mind was in a whirl. There is the so cold and clear you can’t smell anything, then there is the all I can smell is the exhaust fumes and dirty air, if you like in a bowl like I do and you get winter inversions. Then there is the smell of warm soup and homemade bread or a fire in the fireplace. Maybe Vick’s Vapo Rug because you are sick. I guess like most seasons it isn’t just one smell it is many. I chose Wintergreen. It is fresh,cool and invigorating. Makes me think of happiness and energy. Just what one needs in the middle of Winter. Happy Stitching.

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